Friday, February 6, 2009

Who's to blame? I personally have no problem with a women having as many children as she would like. I, like most of America, come from one of those families whose older generation had a lot of children and never worried about what people thought, or how the family would survive. You just did what you had to do to make sure they did. However, unlike many families in todays time, my family didn't dwindle down to the Natinoal average of 2.5 children/household over the years. What I consider a relatively small family(my own which is a family of 4 children), most people today think is large. So, what in the worl are people thinking of this mother who has chosen, by IVF, to have 14, yes that's 14! children. If you haven't heard the story, here's part of it...her side at least.

And if you're too lazy to read her side, here's the general consesus...the woman's mother has told the media how her daughter has been obsessed with having a lot of children all her life but has been unable to because she has malfunctioning fallopian tubes(they get clogged). So...she goes and gets multiple eggs, since there's nothing wrong with them, fertilized and frozen, all by the same sperm. Long story short, she already has 6 children now by this procedure, IVF, ranging in age from 3-7, and now has 8 more by this procedure. Is this mother crazy, or just passinoate about children?

Her mother calls her crazy because she has no husband, no place to stay(she's living with her mother), and get this, NO JOB! WTF! Now, that's where I have the problem. Okay, so you want a lot of children, I can relate, but to have 14 and no means of supporting them, that's just plain wrong. The mother claims that she is making up for the lonliness she felt fro being an only child. HA! That she never wanted her child to feel that lonliness. Ok...great, but 14! And with NO JOB?!

And maybe I'm wrong, but I could have sworn that before htese types of procedures, plenty of evaluations occur. I know she would not have passed a psychiatric eval., and who on od's green Earth would have implanted her with that many embyos without the woman having a JOB! Now, I'm sorry, but I'm really stuck on the NO JOB! Anyway, why isn't someone also looking for this doctor? The media is slamming the mother so hard, but the mother can't implant the embryos herself. What doctor implanted the 6 embryos(which multiplied) in the first place. He's should definately be evaluated himself.

Okay, anyway, once again, let me emphasize that I definately understand the love f childrena dn wanting to raise a large family. However, I canNOT, in good faith okay this woman's decision, nor her doctors, to allow a woman with no job, no support, no place to live, other than her mothers, to have two babies, let-alone 14. Sorry.